Tweezing Do’s and Don’ts

Tweezing is a very economical method of hair removal but generally limited to specific areas of the body such as the facial areas or the eyebrows.

Perhaps the number 1 suggestion to make it easy to pluck hair is: Invest in a quality pair of tweezers.

A company like Tweezerman for example excels in providing high quality tweezers in various shapes and sizes depending on the task in hand.

For example, you can get round tip tweezers which may be more suitable for older persons.

You can get point-tip tweezers which are good for releasing ingrown hairs.

But generally most find the slant-tip tweezer ideal for most hair plucking, either on the eyebrows or for the upper lip and other facial areas.

A quality pair of tweezers allows the user to firmly grip the hair as the ends of the tweezers meet properly and they can withstand a little pressure being exerted.

It is very important to firmly grip the hair and then pull out in a sharp clean movement to avoid breaking the hair which can lead to othe problems such as painful ingrown hairs.

Another good idea is to pluck hair just after a bath or shower when the skin is warm.

Also be sure you have good light and the use of a magnifying mirror can also be very helpful.

Expect results to last between 3 and 8 weeks before hair comes back.

Using a hair growth inhibitor can also work well, slowing down the rate of hair regrowth.

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